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Premier Custom Aircraft Interiors is our specialty and with the best aircraft upholsterers in the industry on our staff, many companies have made us their single source for fine Aircraft interior refurbishment.
  Jetset Aircraft Interiors has serviced both executive aircraft and helicopter interiors for over 26 years. Below we have placed the list of services we offer.


   -  Complete interior design or refurbishment
   -  Complete fabrication of interior components
   -  Current on all “state-of-the-art” technologies and composites
   -  Upholstery of all panels
   -  Recovering of existing seating or replacement seating
   -  Hand sculpted fireblocking foam
   -  Repolishing or reconditioning of all existing woodwork
   -  Recovering of existing cabinetry or construction of new composite cabinetry
   -  Full interior completion capabilities available (“Green” completions)
   -  Complete CRJ interior conversion (Airline-to-VIP or half-and-half)
   -  Full spectrum L.E.D. cabin lighting
   -  iCabin™ Cabin Management System
   -  Custom window shades (traditional styles OR iShade™, iQ Window System™, and SCADS-Smart

      Cabin Auto Dimming System™)
   -  Fully licensed and insured
   -  FAA approvals with required certifications (Fireblocking, logbook entry, etc.)
   -  All work comes with a one (1) year warranty

   -  Acoustical Insulation






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